Gregg Gammie

4632 Winchester

Lyons, Illinois 60534


Cell: 708-732-5480



July, 2002 – November, 2002

n      Wisconsin Physicians Service, Madison Wisconsin

A for major health insurance and claims processing company

§         Developed and implemented end-to-end Quality Assurance methodology for the development of a web site to enable the insurance company’s beneficiaries and health providers to:

·        Register for web access privileges (online and offline processes)

·        View claim processing status

·        Obtain Explanation of benefits (EOB)

·        View/manage Other Health Insurance (OHI)

·        View Eligibility and Deductible limits and status

·        View out of pocket expenses

·        User profile information/update

·        Customer service secure communication

·        Online, real-time claim filing and adjudication for HCFA-1500, UB-92

§         Developed web site screen flow chart using Microsoft Visio

§         Designed test plan suite and wrote test scripts using Mercury TestDirector and Microsoft Word from project specifications and the web site screen flow chart.

§         Supervised and ran regression testing of the web site as components were developed and deployed

§         Supervised and ran verification testing of all Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) coding changes

§         Supervised the upgrade of code from the development to the project testing environments and from there to the Client Approval environment.

§         Built tests using WinRunner and LoadRunner.

§         Gathered test data in IBM DB2 environment running on IBM z900 series mainframe running OS390 in IBM WebSphere application platform



June, 1998 – June, 2002      

Integrated Trade Systems, Inc., Lombard, Illinois

n      Utilized WinRunner to test projects

§         TRADEweb

§         RiderConnection

§         Whippet Racing Association web site

n      Implemented Quality Assurance System

§         TRADEweb (web based) export management software within the QA System

§ (web based wedding planning site)

§ (Motorcycle information, trading, auction and news web site)

§         Allstate (Broker/Dealer Compliance site)

§         Testing of TRADEsolutions (Client/Server application)

§         Supervise the training of employees and test team for QA System

§         Implemented Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC) and Quality Assurance methodologies.

§         Utilized ISO 9000 methodologies to develop software delivery process

§         Wrote test data scripts in ANSI SQL 2.0

§         Wrote and supervised execution of test plans

§         Developed progressive test suite using:

§        Unit test

§        String test

§        Regression test

§         Created test lab with test beds for each version and platform of application

§         Implemented version control and change management procedures using tools including Sybase Object Cycle.

§         Have solid experience in writing and reviewing Requirements Documents and Test Plans.

n      Supervised Customer Support Desk

§         Train clients in the use of TRADEsolutions. 

§         Provide Help Desk first and second level support to clients for TRADEsolutions over the phone as well as at client sites.

§         Wrote Requirements Documents based on client visits.

n      Documentation/Technical Writer

§         Prepared end user documentation

§         Create administrator’s guide

n      Implemented and Managed Infrastructure

§         Provide Help Desk first and second level support for internal network

§         Installation, administration and Maintenance of Windows NT and 2000 Servers

§        Install and maintain the backup system with Veritas Backup Exec with Open File Option and Disaster recovery modules.

§        Set up DHCP server

§        TCP/IP configuration

§        Implemented Terminal Services for remote administration

§         Installation, administration and maintenance of Windows NT and 2000 workstations

§         Installed and maintained Novell 5.0 network

§        Install and maintain the backup system with Veritas Backup Exec with Open File Option and Disaster recovery modules

§         Managed WinProxy proxy server

§         Implemented and maintained BlackIce and Zone Alarm firewall software network security

n      Software Development

§         Wrote business and technical specifications for web-based export management software, TRADEweb

§         Wrote web-based, data-driven help system using ColdFusion Studio and server

§         Wrote installation package for client/server application using Wise InstallMaker, including

§        Application run time libraries

§        PowerBuilder Virtual Machine

§        ODBC administrator

§        Database client connection

§        Registry updates

§        Uninstall

§         Maintained ColdFusion application pages

§         Designed and implemented help system using eHelp (formerly Blue Sky) RoboHelp

§         Used PowerDesigner

n      Good oral and written communication skills

n      Able to work in a highly collaborative environment with users of various skill levels



April, 1997 – March, 1998

Sun Chemical Co., Northlake, Illinois


n      Quality Control Lab Technician. 

§         Test and adjust Flexographic Inks using physical testing and color matching techniques

§         Reviewed QC procedures for usability and ISO 9000 compatibility


April, 1987 – April, 1997

Witco Chemical Co.,            Chicago, Illinois


n      Quality Control Chemist.

§         Certified “Lead Assessor of Quality Systems”, by Perry Johnson, Inc., for ISO 9000 

§         Document Control Coordinator for ISO 9002 certification.

§         Responsible for internal audits of the ISO 9002 system

§         Responsible for analysis of Metal Stearate, Catalysts, Surfactant, and Waste Water samples 

§         Five years alone on evening shift and five years on day shift. 

§         Various physical and wet chemistry tests with a growing amount of Gas Chromatography and Inductively Couples Plasma testing

§         Adjust the characteristics of some products to meet specifications. 

§         Experienced with the following instrumentation: Hewlett-Packard 5890 and Shimadzu GC9A Gas Chromatographs, Varian Liberty 100 Inductively Coupled Plasma, Beckman DU-7 Spectrophotometer, Nicolet 20DBX FTIR Spectrometer


May, 1983 – March, 1987

Koppers Co., Stickney, Illinois


n      Polyester Lab Technician for 2 1/2 years 

§         Tested all resin parameters Made adjustments in resin parameters by blending in the proper chemicals

n      Phthalic Anhydride Lab Technician for 1 1/2 years.

§         Responsible for various color, Gas Chromatograph, Polarograph and several wet chemistry tests

§         Sampled and ran Reactor Exit Gas analysis on reactors producing Phthalic Anhydride from Naphthalene


September 1982 – May 1983   

Mercy Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

n      Initial setup of specimens arriving in Microbiology Lab



September 1979 – May 1983   

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

n      Biology Major and Chemistry minor



September 1978 – May 1979   

Lincoln College, Lincoln, Illinois

n      Associate of Arts degree


Technical Skills:

·        Mercury LoadRunner

·        TestTrack Pro (Defect reporting)

·        Mercury TestDirector (Defect reporting & test management)

·        Mercury WinRunner

·        Version management tools

·        WinProxy

·        Sybase SQL

·        Oracle SQL tools

·        ColdFusion

·        Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0

·        Wise InstallMaker

·        HTML

·        PowerDesigner data modeling tool

·        eHelp (formerly Blue Sky) RoboHelp

·        Veritas Backup Exec for NT and Netware

·        Sybase Version Management Tool

·        IBM DB2 SQL

·        Microsoft Visio